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Senin, 05 September 2011

Nayanatara hot Bollywood's Babes

It is important to know the anatomy of oysters, and its body mechanisms to understand how oysters produce pearls. The shell of the oyster contain two parts, which are connected by an elastic ligament. The ligament helps opening of the shell so that the oyster can eat. As the oysters start growing, its the shell increasing in size. The growing of the oyster shell is facilitated by an organ known as the mantle. The mantle uses the some minerals in the oysters food to form this shell. The inner part of the shell is lined by nacre, a material created by the mantle. Sometimes when the shell is open, a strange substance manages to slip inside the shell and then resides between the shell and the mantle. As a protection reaction to this, the oyster covers this not common substance as a part of its self-defense mechanism. The same nacre that is used to produce the shell is used to cover this substance by forming many layers around it. This eventually leads to formation of a round object which is commonly called pearl.

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